Stone chip coated steel tiles
Gerard Classic

You like straight, simple and clear lines?

Then you have to choose GERARD CLASSIC! Gerard Classic steel roofs have superior resistance due to the natural stone coating which provides safety under all weather conditions.

Gerard Heritage

Do you want to stay true to the traditional style?

Then GERARD HERITAGE is the right choice! The very first stone chip coated steel tile in the world was Gerard Heritage, created half a century ago.

Gerard Milano

Are you dreaming about the mediterranean architecture?
If your preferences go towards the projects inspired by the specific style of the mediterranean areas, then choose GERARD MILANO!

Gerard Shake

One of the most common among the traditional roofing materials is wood and wooden shingles have a particular appearance, still very much appreciated. The natural look of this kind of roof was recreated by the Gerard Shake stone chip coated metallic tile.

Price: 8,66 € / tile + VAT

Gerard Shingle

The slate therefore could not be missed by our designers and engineers who were inspired to create Gerard Shingle. This profile is also suitable to be installed on vertical walls, therefore being perfect for atypical architectures.

Price: 8,66 € / tile + VAT

Gerard Diamant

Gerard Diamant – inspired by one of the toughest and most enduring materials known to man. Produced by the developer of the world’s first chip coated, pressed metal roof tile and global market leader for over 50 years, our roofs have been tested to the extreme throughout this time.

Roofing membranes and groundwall protection

There is no getting around it: Thermal insulation has got to be reliably protected from moisture and any other factors that can affect it. By using the DELTA roofing systems you will have totally covered the whole roof construction. For the entire life of the roof!

For Foundation

The innovative, tried and tested DELTA products from our comprehensive range for groundwall protection set the standard for maintaining permanently dry basements and cellars.

Interlocking steel roof system, rainwater system
Roof system

The Novatik metallic roof tile is the first of its kind produced in Romania. The steel used for manufacturing the Novatik tiles is stable, strong and safe.

Rainwater system

The rainwater system completes the functionality of the roof. As all products in Final Distribution’s portfolio, the Novatik rainwater system is made of high quality materials, has a modern and efficient design and the components are designed in order to simplify the installation procedure.