About us

final_sediu2FINAL DISTRIBUTION‘s main activity consists of providing premium roofing solutions, thus being the leader of the stone chip coated metallic roofing market.

Company’s mission is to provide solutions and complete roofing systems that are able to respond to the need of quality, diversity and innovation, more and more emphasized on the Romanian market.

Company values

  • Quality – delivering premium brands
  • Innovation – new advantages for Romanian customers
  • Flexibility – specific solutions for specific problems
  • Promptitude – quick answers and services.


The company activity started in 2006, having its headquarters in Baicoi, Prahova, as an exclusive national representative for the premium brands in its portfolio.

From the same year, Final Distribution starts importing the GERARD range of stone coated steel tiles, a product and brand invented by AHI Roofing, New Zealand.

The import of DELTA – Roofing membranes and groundwall protection systems, drainage and waterproofing, from the German company Doerken begins soon after.

June 2009: Final Distribution brings KEYLITE roof windows to the Romanian market, this also marking the first time when Keystone LTD, from Ireland, starts exporting to the mainland.

In 2010, Final Distribution becomes a manufacturing company. In the second half of the year 2010, our company launches the Novatik project and invests heavily in the newest, top of the line, highest quality equipment to use in our gutters and downpipes production lines. The company becomes the sole producer of the Novatik brand. For its raw materials, Final Distribution has chosen the highest quality type of steel coming from Finland. The combination of Finnish steel with our high performance line of equipment guarantees the best possible product; no complaints about it whatsoever.

Starting with the month of June 2012, Final Distribution becomes the producer of the complete Novatik roof system, made of small metallic roof tiles, breather membranes and drainage systems.

The entire system benefits from a 30-year warranty period, given the proper assembly. In the manufacturing process of Novatik roof tiles, Final Distribution uses Colofer® covered steel, registered trademark of Voestalpine, with 0.5 mm thickness, covered with120 g/sqm ZnMg.

The Novatik system, made in Romania, displays a series of advantages that make our team recommend it for both new constructions and renovations.

Currently, we maintain a national distribution network of 150 partners. The lists grows bigger constantly, as new partners are added every year.