Delta – membranes for boarded or unboarded pitched roofs

There is no getting around it: thermal insulation has got to be reliably protected from moisture and any other factors that can affect it. By using the DELTA roofing systems you will have totally covered the whole roof construction. For the entire life of the roof!

The roofs are affected by a number of external agents (wind, noise, rain, UV exposure) or internal (vapors, temperature variation). All of these causes make the perfect sealing of roofs and facades of the uttermost importance.

A perfectly sealed roof eliminates the risk of condensation and improves insulation efficiency which leads to significant energy conservation. Roof protection, especially the insulation, is very important.

There are two types of roof membranes that serve this purpose:

– Towards the inside it should be used an air and vapour barrier underlay

– Towards the outside it should be used a breather membrane that prevents condensation.


The air and vapour barrier’s purpose is to reduce air exchange from the inside of house to the outside and to reduce the vapour going to the outside.



The breather membrane allows the vapour within the insulation layer to rapidly evacuate and prevents condensation to affect the thermal insulation.

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