Gerard Shingle – stone coated steel roofs with an intriguing character

Are you looking for an unmistakable roof?

The slate is a popular roofing material in Western Europe, as for instance in France, Germany or Austria, where is used not only for roofs but also for facades. The slate therefore could not be missed by our designers and engineers who were inspired to create Gerard Shingle. This profile is also suitable to be installed on vertical walls, therefore being perfect for atypical architectures.

Price: 8,66 € / tile + VAT

Gerard Shingle has reproduced the aspect of slate, using the materials and technology of the 21st Century, elevating the aspect of the roof with the specific stone chip finishing. The stone chip coated steel tile Gerard Shingle has a very special roofing material profile. Each of the four colours, Bark, Eclipse, Sunset, Ravine is presented in two tones, and the general look of the roof can vary in different moments of the day, according to the way that light casts over the roof.

Available colors:

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