About gutters and downpipes

Why are gutters and downpipes important for a building?

  • Gutters and downpipes serve both protective and aesthetic functions
  • Protect the building from moisture and its effects
  • Help prolong the life of a building
  • Cut out unnecessary costs for roof repairs

You have finished the building and you have already chosen the best quality roofing?


It means you are one step away from accomplishing your choice. You just need to select the accessories for your roof and you are done.

A roof cannot be complete without a well-chosen system of gutters and downpipes to tackle the damaging effects of excessive humidity.
Even if you think you live in an area where you do not need to put too much emphasis on these accessories, you never know when you need a good rainfall system that could relieve you from headaches caused by unnecessary repairs.

Novatik offers its customers two gutters and downpipes systems:

tile_ronda_130Novatik Ronda

Half round gutter and downpipes system. Thanks to its timeless, traditional and discreet aspect, the system fits any type of architecture. It offers a range of natural colors which perfectly fits any façade, offering a discreet overall image of the building.

tile_quadra_130Novatik Quadra

Square gutter and downpipe system. The system originally and modernly replaces the traditional rectangular system, and the Pural protective steel layer guarantees the preservation of the color in time and a guarantee of 20 years.

And for its distributors Novatik offers two categories:

tile_prima_130Novatik Prima

For Novatik Ronda and Quadra systems, Novatik uses a high quality Colofer® coated steel. Novatik offers its partners rolls of raw material, in order to produce high quality gutter and downpipes.

tile_plus_130Novatik Plus

Tools and accessories for rainwater systems. Novatik’s premium material quality is found in this complete range of specific tools suited for installing rainwater systems.

Why choose Novatik rainwater systems?


Due to its ingenious and effective design:

  • The front side of the gutter is folded towards the inside, this way ensuring a collection of a bigger water volume per gutter meter.
  • Due to the fact that the Novatik gutter doesn’t allow water to spill without control over the edge, your facade will be protected even during heavy raining.


  • With the joining mechanism to the back of the gutter, the visual aspect of the gutter is pleasant.

Discreet joints:

  • The gutter hooks are made of flat steel bar 5 mm thick and zinc coated 275g/m². You can be sure that once installed, no matter how big the amount of water to drain is, the gutter hook will not fail and the system will stay in place.

Efficient price:

  • The folded pipe bend and the bend intermediate pipe, along with the hidden gutter hook, can save you up to 15% of the whole system cost.


  • The folded pipe bend can be manufactured to any angled between 25º and 90º so the tightness is guaranteed by the disappearance of some joint elements.

Rainwater system guarantee:

  • For your peace of mind, as both distributor or owner of the Novatik rainwater system, we grant you 20 years guarantee on the rainwater system.
Be one step ahead rain and heavy snow, and you will avoid cost repairs that do not make sense.

What raw material are Novatik accessories made of?

Novatik Ronda and Novatik Quadra systems are made of the highest quality steel, protected against corrosion with a zinc coating on each face and having a Colofer® protective coat. Therefore, these accessories are made to last and to ensure protection for the building itself.