About metal roof system

Are you building a house or you are just renovating your old one? Are you building a headquarter for your company or you are just tired of the rain leaking into your staircase?

Novatik is here to meet your needs and offers you the best solution– stone chip coated steel tiles, with a brilliant tradition of over 50 years.

Novatik offers one of the best metallic roof tiles on the market, combining the durability with efficiency, working perfectly together in order to prolong the life of each building using this roofing system.

You can either opt for Gerard stone chip coated steel tiles, created in New Zeeland and imported by Novatik, or you can opt for Novatik metal roof tiles produced by Novatik.

How you can save money by using a high quality metal roof tile?

It is very true that the metal roof tile imported or produced by Novatik is not the cheapest on the market, but it certainly is one of the safest and the most enduring. And as proof stands the warranty that can reach up to 50 years. A building requires a huge investment, but we are sure that using a good roof will prolong its life and can save it from a potential disaster.
Invest today for a better tomorrow!

Why Choose Novatik?

Novatik Company is a recognized leader in the market of stone coated metal roof covering and aims to provide complete systems and solutions in order to meet all the needs of each customer. High quality and innovation are combined with flexibility and efficiency in order to provide the best customer service for each user. Novatik operators are daily at your service and provide tips and solutions in order to choose the best roofing system suitable for your house.

Gerard – stone chip coated steel tile

tile_classic_130Gerard Classic
Gerard Classic steel roofs have superior resistance due to the natural stone coating which provides safety under all weather conditions. Straight, simple and clear lines make this profile suitable for all architectural styles, providing a unique personality.
tile_heritage_130Gerard Heritage
The modern technology combined with the values passed from one generation to another led to the creation of a metallic roof with a traditional appearance but very durable.
tile_milano_130Gerard Milano
Gerard Milano profile is suitable for the Mediterranean architecture, but it also suits atypical creative architectural styles. Stone chip coating and traditional profile are appreciated in projects that make the best of natural building materials, with stone or wooden facade.
tile_shake_130Gerard Shake
Gerard Shake profile has a natural, traditional aspect, combined with the benefits brought by modern materials and technology, incorporating all that is required for an easy installation. The Gerard Shake stone coated metallic roof tiles are available in six colors.
tile_shingle_130Gerard Shingle
Gerard Shingle profile was created using slate, a popular roofing material in Western Europe, as for instance in France, Germany or Austria. This unmistakable profile is also suitable for vertical walls, being perfect for atypical architecture.
tile_diamant_130Gerard Diamant
Gerard Diamant is inspired by one of the toughest and enduring materials known in the world and is produced by the developer of the world’s first chip coated, pressed metal roof and global market leader. Gerard Diamant will last a long period of time, protecting you and your future generations.

Gerard stone chip coated steel tile benefits:

  • Provides resistance to wind and storm (roof withstand wind speeds up to 160 kph or 99.419 mph without being affected in any way)
  • After the profile is pressed, the steel tile is coated with natural stone chips in order to prevent mini-cracks
  • A Gerard roof is up to 7 times lighter than a concrete or clay roof, which means lower costs and less stress for the sub-structure. Being light in weight and having an unique and efficient fixing systems, installation is completed in a short time and ensures a high resistance in case of an earthquake.
  • The biggest benefit is that you have 50 years of warranty due to the high corrosion resistance of the material used.
  • Gerard roofs withstand snow loading in extreme winter conditions. When exposed to snow, frost or ice, there is no degradation of the surface coating or Zincalume substrate. Gerard roofs are resistant to damage from hail stones up to 30mmic
  • Gerard roofs have passed important international fire tests that prove that the incombustible steel substrate and surface coating prevents the spread of flames when exposed to fire.
  • Noise reduction is guaranteed due to the chip coated finish and interlocking tile system.

Novatik metallic roof tile

tile_matt_130Novatik Matt metallic roof tile

Novatik Matt is the first metallic roof tile produced in small panels on the Romanian territory. For its production is used a stable and durable steel, with a special Colofer® coverage – VoestAlpine trademark, providing a greater protection against corrosion.

tile_avangarde_130Novatik Avangarde metallic roof tile

Novatik Avangarde is the first metallic roof tile post-painted in electrostatic painting, produced in Romania. The paint offers excellent resistance against corrosion. The uniform paint layer prevents microcracks and paint agglomerations, offers impact and UV resistance and makes the roof waterproof.

Novatik metallic roof tile benefits

  • Light weight (5.14 kg/sqm) resulting in lower costs and less stress for the sub-structure.
  • The fixing system makes Novatik roof one of the safest on the market nowadays.
  • The tiles are made of steel with Colofer® ,VoestAlpine registered trademark, covering.
  • The 30 year warranty offered by Novatik ensures you about the quality and resistance of the product.