About the roof

What you should know about the roof?

The roof of a building is one of its most important elements, underlying the construction itself. As foundation is fundamental in order to lift the solid construction, equally important is the roof which serves to protect the building from phenomena such as rain, wind, hail, snow and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The designing and construction of a roof is a complex process that must take into account several aspects:

  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality
  • Structure

Novatik will provide qualified consultants for you in order to transform your final choice in the most suitable for your building.

How you can save money with a high quality roof?


Most times, when starting a new construction, people do their calculation regarding their investments. But unforeseen expenses arise over time, which determines them to reduce the investments for the roof of the building. Unfortunately, they omit one essential aspect: the roof is meant to protect the building in which they invested all their money. Depending on how good the roof is and how well the covering was done, the building will withstand natural phenomena without any problem.
A good, well-fitted roof, will save you from unnecessary house repairs over the years, the seal will result in reduced energy consumption and you will save money with your energy bill, degradation will not occur soon, especially as you have a 50 years warranty.

Novatik is the company that will provide you the best and the longest lasting metal tile on the market. It meets the demands and needs of each client with the best solutions in order to build-up a perfect and enduring construction.

Factors that affect your roofing choice

  • Light or heavy roof coverings;
  • Appearance – design and color;
  • Lifetime warranty and degree of tightness;
  • Materials price + labor price;
  • Brand awareness;
  • The degree of novelty of the product;
  • Promptitude in making the offer;
  • Execution time;
  • Designer recommendation;
  • Other recommendation (builders, friends).
Novatik is here to meet all your needs with the most reliable solutions, regardless the area you are in, the size of the building or its architecture.
Below are the descriptions of the roof covers produced and imported by Novatik:

Gerard metal roof tile

  • Gerard tiles are made of steel covered with a layer of Zincalume that provides resistance up to 9 time higher than galvanized steel. The tile’s natural look is given by the natural stone chips cover.
  • There are 6 types of profiles available: Gerard Classic, Gerard Heritage, Gerard Milano, Gerard Shake, Gerard Shingle and Gerard Diamant, available in 10 color options.
  • Gerard metal roof tile is a premium roof, with outstanding technological advantages.
  • The unique fixation system allows Gerard roofs to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Gerard provides a 50 years warranty.

Novatik metal roof tile

  • Stylish, solid and efficient
  • Is the first small roof metal tile produced in Romania
  • The steel used for manufacturing the Novatik tiles is stable, strong and safe and is covered with Colofer,
  • Ensures high protection against corrosion,
  • Available in a variety of colors and shades,
  • 30 years system guarantee

Delta roofing sheets

  • Roofing sheets are designed to insulate and protect the construction of possible factors that may affect its integrity
  • Using Delta roof sheets you will notice a low energy consumption
  • Delta roof sheets seal the roof so the risk of sweat is completely reduced
  • Optimize the ventilation devices.